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I'm a Tri colour Sheltie puppy called Fizz, born on 16/05/09. Find out more about me by reading about all my adventures in my blog =)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Happy birfday to meee!

It be my birthday tomorrow (16th)! I be one whole year old. I'll do a seperate post all about my actual birfday but for now, here be a cool video that Mum made. :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Last weekend!

We're sooo behind on blogging, these piccures be from last weekend! We'll try and catch up this week, but on Wednesday it be Mum's birthday (a BIG special birthday apparently) and then she's going away all weekend, WITHOUT ME!! Can you believe it? She is leaving me all on my own. Well... that be a little bit of a lie really 'cos technically I not be staying on my own, I be going to stay with some cool peoples for a couple of days and Mum says I'll have lots of fun. Whatever, as long as she brings me a present back I not really bothered. Then when she gets back it be less than 2 weeks until MY birthday!

So, last weekend it was really hot and sunny, so Mum decided to take me on a special walk. It tooked a while to get there in the car but it was worth it. It was super exciting, there be sheeps, doggies and lots of little peoples, so obviously I had to stay on my lead but I wasn't really bothered. There was only a couple of times when I got over-excited and Mum had to make me sit and calm down, BOL!

It was quite a hot day so it was a good job there be a big river for me to paddle in and cool down. I wanted to swim properly but Mum kept me on my lead just in case. We sat down under a tree for a little while and watched people crossing the stepping stones. We decided not to go across the stepping stones 'cos Mum wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it.

I was kinda glad when we got back to the car 'cos I was hot and needed a drink. I decided that the water should be squirted on me and not into the water bowl though....
I gots and extra special treat too. I not normally allowed this sort of thing but Mum wanted an ice cream, so Grandmaw went and gotted her one but on the way back she dropped it, BOL! So instead of wasting it, guess who got it...

And finally, some piccures of some baby sheeps that we sawed. Cute or what?