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I'm a Tri colour Sheltie puppy called Fizz, born on 16/05/09. Find out more about me by reading about all my adventures in my blog =)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Not yours...


I gots new biscuits and I not be sharing them with mum AT ALL :-)



Sunday, 13 September 2009



Thanks for all the messages I beed getting this week, you all do be such pawsome friends :-) You'll all be pleased to know that my teefs are no longer hurtings! I now gots some super-cool extra-white big boy teefs at the front. I beed trying them out on Mummy's hands and they is GREAT for puppy nibbling :-) I not sure Mum likes it too much though, she not be too happy when I tried them on her nose at 4.30am this morning. I not know why??

Today I beed walkies :-) Now I 4 months old I be allowed 20 minutes a day walkies. This still not be enough for me though cos I got lots of zoomies in me! I managed to keep still for about 2 seconds today so Mum took some 'proper' piccures of me. Borrrrringgg!! Although I must say I thinks I look quite regal and proud of myselfs in these ones. I thinks I was watching the duckies at the time..




Mum says I gots funny long legs, but I quite like them actually, they be really great for running fast! I think she just jealous.

When we got home I still had energys so we had some silly play. Back to normal silly piccures!!



~Nose nibbles
Fizz xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Herro efferypup

Last Saturday I turned 4 months old! It means I'm growing up into a big boy, but I not sure I want to cos Mum says it means I gots to be sensible, which I not likes doing.

Here's what I got for a present :


Great huh? It's my burfday and all I gets is a pain in the... mouth. As you can see I be loosing what's called my baby teefs. All I knows is that it HURTS!!!! Ouchies. My gums are all swollen and I my lips won't close properly cos it be so bad! Mum said it looks like I'm smiling at her sometimes :-)

I did sort of gets a better present though. Now I'm big enough I gets to where my new big boy collar. It be a pretty tuffstuff one with my name embroidered on the back, but Mum couldn't get a good photo of that cos my furs gets in the way. I also got a really cool tag from Dog Online. It says 'I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy' on the front, which I thinks is perfect for any Sheltiedog!!


Mum also trimmed my ears for the first time today, she was ascared of doing it at first cos she never trimmed Sheltie ears before, she trimmed lots of other breeds but never Shelties. I thinks she done a good job though cos I sure do look mighty handsome!

We trying to get some video of my clicker trainings up but Mum still having trouble getting it from her new camera to the pooter. We shall have to find another way!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Got squished

Today I got squished by a great big fat Flabrador. Mum said it was the biggest Labrador she ever seed, and normally she likes them but this one had no manners!! It came booouuuunding over to me and knocked me flying. I squealed but that was only cos I was ascared of getting squished, it didn't really hurt much. It frightened me lots and I hided in a bush so it couldn't get me (it was too flabby to fit in!). Mum says I need to meet lots of nice, well mannered Labradors now so I don't think all of thems will hurt me. Humppphhh. Why don't people teach their dogs recall? I think I should tell all doggies I meet about recall, it be the bestest cos it means you get lots of treats.

Just one photo today cos I not gots much time to blogs. I just had to tell you about my Flabrador ordeal!!!

One of Mum's friends said I looks like a wolf on this photo. I thinks not lady person!!!! I'm a Shetland Sheepy type dog don'cha know! Hurruff!