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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Crisp Mas and recovery

Don't laugh too much...

My eye is getting much better, it not be bothering me at all but I still gots to wear this stupids cone, it's a bit weird cos I blind in my poordy eye at the moment too, so sometimes I gets a bit confuzzled. It looks a lot worse that it actually is, but if you get a bit yukky over stitches and stuff, don't biggify the piccure. Mum gots the poordys now though! She gots something called Flu, but not the pig type. Next time it's Crisp Mas I'll tell Santa Paws that it not nice to give people poordys for crisp mas.

We hopes you all had wonderful Crisp Mas's and got loads of cool presents. Thanks for all your Crisp Mas messages and also get well messages too, it's great that I've made such pawsome friends in such a short time!

My Crisp Mas was great, but I think it would of been even better if I not had the stupids cone on. On crisp mas eve we wented and picked up Mum's sister and her childrens (my favourite peoples ever). They stayed allll the time until boxing day. It was great fun stealing their toys hehee. On crisp mas day it was super busy and fun, there was paper everywhere, yummy foods and all sorts. Mum says I didn't gets a proper crisp mas dinner, cos she didn't want to have to put up with me farting BOL!! But I did gets a tin of really cool food called Applaws.

I got really cool presents. My favourite be the blue squeaky ball, that be from Mum's friend who lives in a place called Scotland. I literally not stopped playing with it since crisp mas day, and mum had to confiscate it a couple of times cos it hurted her head too much, BOL!! The reindeer dude makes a super funny noise out of his bum too, BOL! I really good at the puzzle game, mum says Santa Paws should of brought me the difficulter one cos I just tooooooo clever. hehee.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Crisp Mas

Hurro! Just a quick message to say that I ok. Our internets has broken so we be stealing our next door neighbours wireless, teehehee. Anyway, my poperation went well, my eye be all stitched up and I gots a stupid cone on my head. It realllly annoys me but when Mum not watching I can takes it off. I missed Mum when I was in the vets though, I barkbarked the wholeee time so she could hear me and come and gets me. It worked though cos she did!

Thanks you very much for all your messages, you be sure pawsome pals.

Gots to go now 'cos Santa Paws be coming soon!! Have a super-duper Crisp Mas everyone xxxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fizz's eye

Hi everyone, Fizz's Mum here. As you know Fizz went into the vets this morning for a sedation so they could have a good look at his eye. They phoned me a couple of hours later to say that he's got an ulcer on his eye and also entropion! (Where the eyelid turns inwards and the eyelashes irritate the eye) I was told last Wednesday by a different vet that 'no, there's definitely no entripion there' - not happy!!
I'm really suprised it's turned out to be entropion - it was only last Monday that it started to irritate him. I thought maybe he had a bit of grass stuck in it or something, especially since it cleared up and was back to normal on Tuesday/Wednesday. Anyway, it's just one of those things I suppose. Apparently it's quite common in Shelties since they have such tiny eyes.
They're operating on him now and I'll be picking him up tonight, so I'll let you know how he is.


Monday, 21 December 2009


Wowww this white stuff that falled from the sky is AMAZING!! I love it soo much and it makes me go dead hyper. Mum took me down to the forest where I had great fun catching snowballs, and playing with other dogs. All the doggies I met were really fun, we met a Schnauzer and he wanted to come and walk with us rather than his own Mum and Dad, BOL!! Then we met a German Shepherd, he was ok at first but then he gots a bit too rough for me so I rolled on my back. Mum said I was a wimp cos he only wanted to play!! He was reallllly big though.
Then we met a little nervous Westie, she was very cute but when she was a puppy she got attacked by a nasty black dog, and ever since then she been scared of doggies. But I was very nice to her, I stood very still while she sniffed me all over (even my bum!!) and in the end she wasn't ascared of me!! We even played a little bit, but I was very gentle with her cos I knows how it feels to be afrightened. Her Mum and Dad said thank you very much and gave me cuddles, they never seed her play with a strange doggie before so they was very happy and liked me lots. Mum was very proud of me too.

Here be some piccures. If you click on them they should biggify (if Mum's done it right! Durrrr.)

Pee ess - my eye be poordy again! Gots to go to the vets again tomorrow for that big sleep that Mum talked about.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Being forced to pose yet again.


Pee ess - been back to the vets, and my eye is all better! Woohoooo!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Need cuddles

...'Cos I gots a poordy! My eye has beed a bit runny on-and-off for a couple a weeks now, but it not beed bothering me, so Mum just keeped it clean and thought it would just get better on it's own. Well, yesterday morning we woked up and I couldn't open my eye at all! Mum tried to have a look at it but I not let her. Later on she took me to the Vets (my favourite place EVER!). Mrs Vet tried to open my eye and look as well, but I not let her either cos I just wanted to give her kisses. My tail would not stop wagging at all.

Anyway, Mrs Vet put some cool stuff in my eye that made it go all numb and bright green, it made my eye open straight away. Cool huh? She still could not see anything wrong with it, so we gots to try these eye drop thingies twice a day to make it better. If it not better tomorrow I might has to have to go into a big sleep (Mum says it called an anesthetic) so Mrs Vet can has a better looky. The good news is that I had 2 lots of my eye droppies now and it's looking much better this morning :-)

Obviously it's absolutely horrendously terrible though, so I beed making mum give me loaaads of cuddles and sweeties and ear rubs all the time. Here I be on my sick bed -


Saturday, 12 December 2009

New ball thing

Mum bought me this new ball thing. But it be no ordinary ball! Food comes out of it!! Can you believe it? How amazing is that?! As you can see, I think it's great.




The reason Mum bought if for me is 'cos I been eating my foods too fast. I eat it sooo quick that I done scary chokings twice now. It frightened me and Mum so she buyed me this ball, it didn't cost much moneys and it's fun, makes me eat slower and it's good exercise too!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Crisp mas and stuff!

Hurro efferyone.

I knew somethink was happening... All of a sudden a pretend tree with lots of balls on it appeared in my house! Then mum started going out without me lots and coming back with loads of bags with cool things in them. And I started getting a special chocolate every day! Then my brother, Ludo blogged about something called Crisp Mas, and now it all makes sense! All I know is that if you a good doggie, a big man called Santa Paws comes and gives you lots of presents. Sounds good to me. I must remember to be on my bestest behaviours. I looking forward to learning lots more about Crisp mas.

This be me sat looking pretty next to our Crisp mas tree

These be all the cool things Mum keeps bringing home. She puts pretty paper on them and says she is sending them to Santa Paws. At least one of them smells like it could be for me!

And this definitely be the best bit. Every day I gets a special chocolate, they come from somethink called an Adbent Calendar. I not allowed to eats them all in one go though.

In other news, I gots a new bed! It be nice and roomy so I cans stretch out and stuff, cos I outgrowed my other one. Here is me in it -


Here is my friend who keeps me companys at night, his name is Mr Snuggles.

But this is my favouritest bed in the world. It be sooo comfy and mum cuddles me all night. She says I like a hot water botttle. I only allowed to sleep in there sometimes though.

Woofy crisp mas!
~Fizz xxx

Friday, 27 November 2009



It beed very windy and rainy here for the last week or so, but that won't stop me having fun on my walks! Here be some piccures from a very cold and windy walk the other day.






Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Monday, 16 November 2009

Happy birthday to meeee!


Today be my half birthday! That means I been alive for 6 whole months, I think that's a long time. I don't feel any different to what I did yesterday though... maybe a bit furrier though.. hmm.

Mum took me to the bestest place in the world today! If you pupsters haven't been then you definitely should go, it be full of funny furry things that look like toys but they alive! Mum said I not allowed to have one of those though, hurruff! There be lots of nice smells, and they have millions of toys and more food than any pupster could ever wish for! There also be lots of people that want to give you cuddles if you put on your cute face. Here be a piccure of the magicial place I talking about.


Mum said I could choose a toy cos it be my birthday. There be sooo many though, it was a really hard decision.


In the end I be very happy with my purchases though! I couldn't just choose one, so I gots 3 squeaky tennis balls and a ball on a rope too, I beed having fun alllll day with them! Mum says she slightly regrets the squeaky tennis balls but I not know why.. I think they makes a lovely noise!


I gots some treats too, they be bacon flavoured and a pretty colour, but Mum says they made me hyper, hehhehee.


Birthday snuggles

Friday, 13 November 2009

We're back!

Do I looks growed up?

We be very pleased to be blogging again, but we realllly sorry we has been away for sooo long. We been doing lots. Mainly I been doing lots of growing, I weighs 9kg now and I just about fully growns (apart from my furs!) and it be my half birthday on Monday! I can't believes I been borned for 6 whole months.

A few weeks ago, something terrible happeneded! I beed poorly! I really really bad bumbums and sicksicks and I had to spend 2 days in the vets. I didn't mind though cos I gots lots of cuddles and attentions, it be like a mini holiday really. The only bad thing was they stuck a pointy thing in my leg that puts water in me and that hurt a bit so I tried to chew it out. That hurted even more. I all better now but I still has a shaved paw, tummy and chest for proofs! (My tummy was shaved cos they had to do somthing called an Ultrasound cos Mummy thought I'd eated a sock!! Hehehe, but I hadn't)

We started an agility training class too! At first it was fun but then I got scareded by the big doggies that barked and lunged at me :( I tried to tell them that I be a Sheltie and we can be very sensitive sometimes and I doesn't appreciate being woofed at, but they wouldn't listen. So in the end Mum said she had enough and not take me anymore cos it could make be scared of dogs and agilities forever! I loves agilities though so me don't think that will happen anytime soon! I still be happy though cos we does lots of training in the garden and runnings around and chasing. :-)

Mum says I be going through something that's called my 'teenage years'. She thinks I been being naughty, but I not really, I just having fun!! Mum took me to a new park last week and there were lots of birds that needed chasing. Mum doesn't mind me chasing birds but when she called my name I didn't comes back. What does she expect?! It was soooo much fun I couldn't even hear her!! Anyway I had fun running around and then I spotted a river (I looooveee water!) so I ran over there where Mum couldn't see me so she couldn't find me. Hehehhee. Then I heard Mum calling me, so I went back to find her. She looked all worried and stuff but I not know why? It was a great game! Does any of you pupsters know why she be so worried?

I been good on walks this week though cos Mum been bringing sausages with her! Yum yum yum! I just cannot resist sausage, not even for bird chasings!! Here be a few piccures from our fun walk the other day.



Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Not yours...


I gots new biscuits and I not be sharing them with mum AT ALL :-)



Sunday, 13 September 2009



Thanks for all the messages I beed getting this week, you all do be such pawsome friends :-) You'll all be pleased to know that my teefs are no longer hurtings! I now gots some super-cool extra-white big boy teefs at the front. I beed trying them out on Mummy's hands and they is GREAT for puppy nibbling :-) I not sure Mum likes it too much though, she not be too happy when I tried them on her nose at 4.30am this morning. I not know why??

Today I beed walkies :-) Now I 4 months old I be allowed 20 minutes a day walkies. This still not be enough for me though cos I got lots of zoomies in me! I managed to keep still for about 2 seconds today so Mum took some 'proper' piccures of me. Borrrrringgg!! Although I must say I thinks I look quite regal and proud of myselfs in these ones. I thinks I was watching the duckies at the time..




Mum says I gots funny long legs, but I quite like them actually, they be really great for running fast! I think she just jealous.

When we got home I still had energys so we had some silly play. Back to normal silly piccures!!



~Nose nibbles
Fizz xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Herro efferypup

Last Saturday I turned 4 months old! It means I'm growing up into a big boy, but I not sure I want to cos Mum says it means I gots to be sensible, which I not likes doing.

Here's what I got for a present :


Great huh? It's my burfday and all I gets is a pain in the... mouth. As you can see I be loosing what's called my baby teefs. All I knows is that it HURTS!!!! Ouchies. My gums are all swollen and I my lips won't close properly cos it be so bad! Mum said it looks like I'm smiling at her sometimes :-)

I did sort of gets a better present though. Now I'm big enough I gets to where my new big boy collar. It be a pretty tuffstuff one with my name embroidered on the back, but Mum couldn't get a good photo of that cos my furs gets in the way. I also got a really cool tag from Dog Online. It says 'I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy' on the front, which I thinks is perfect for any Sheltiedog!!


Mum also trimmed my ears for the first time today, she was ascared of doing it at first cos she never trimmed Sheltie ears before, she trimmed lots of other breeds but never Shelties. I thinks she done a good job though cos I sure do look mighty handsome!

We trying to get some video of my clicker trainings up but Mum still having trouble getting it from her new camera to the pooter. We shall have to find another way!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Got squished

Today I got squished by a great big fat Flabrador. Mum said it was the biggest Labrador she ever seed, and normally she likes them but this one had no manners!! It came booouuuunding over to me and knocked me flying. I squealed but that was only cos I was ascared of getting squished, it didn't really hurt much. It frightened me lots and I hided in a bush so it couldn't get me (it was too flabby to fit in!). Mum says I need to meet lots of nice, well mannered Labradors now so I don't think all of thems will hurt me. Humppphhh. Why don't people teach their dogs recall? I think I should tell all doggies I meet about recall, it be the bestest cos it means you get lots of treats.

Just one photo today cos I not gots much time to blogs. I just had to tell you about my Flabrador ordeal!!!

One of Mum's friends said I looks like a wolf on this photo. I thinks not lady person!!!! I'm a Shetland Sheepy type dog don'cha know! Hurruff!


Thursday, 27 August 2009


Yesterday we went to the beach again! This time it was a different beach, and it was definitely my favourite. There was lots of big pools for me to dive in and paddle around, and loads of wet sand to do rollings in. It was sooo much fun, I chased my ball all the time but I didn't give it back to Mum when she asked, hehehee! It was really windy on the beach, the weather man on the tellybision said it was going to do rainings all day, but he was wrong, cos it was dry alll the times we was at the beach (even though I gots wet anyways hehe). Mum said it was a bit cold and she had to put her big winter coat on even though it's supposed to be summer, but I didn't notice cos I has lots of furs already.
Here be some piccures. There be some videos as well, but mum not know how to get them off her new camera. It be called em-pee-foors that's causing the problem apparently.





Today we only been for a little walk in the park. I only apposed to have 15 minutes walks cos I be 3 months old, I still has lots of energy after that but Mum says she got to stick to it cos it might hurts my legs if I runs around too much. Hurrufff!! I still had funs though.

I seed my first ever church place.

Practiced waits.

Poked my tongue out at Mum.

The wind made my ears do sillys.

Played ball

Did starrings at birdies

Practiced heels

Chased my ball

Did posings..

And finally back to the car

It's amazings what you can get up to in 15 minutes =D