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I'm a Tri colour Sheltie puppy called Fizz, born on 16/05/09. Find out more about me by reading about all my adventures in my blog =)

Friday, 31 July 2009

The beach!

First of alls I wanna say a huuuge thank you to my big brother Ludo, for posting about me on his bloggie =D I so pleased cos now I gots lots of new friends! And thank you to all my new poochie pals for leaving lots of lovely messages for me and Mum to read! You're all pawsome.

Now, I can confirm to all you doggie pals that 'the beach' is one amaaaaaazing place. Today was the first day in ages that it not beed rainings, so me and Mum went to the beach. It was my first ever walkings and it was so so so fun! I wonder if I gets to go there every day?
Apparently it takes nearly 2 hours to get there, but I didn't notice because I sleeped alllll the way there and allll the way back. Mum said I was good boy.


The first beach was full of childrens playing games and people having picnics, and there wasn't any room for me to run around, so mum put me back in the car and droved down the road a little bit and we found another beach that be almost completely empty and loads of room for doing zoomies and ball throwings!! When Mum first putted me back in the car I gotted very worried cos I thought we was going home again =O

This was the first time I beed off my lead in a different place, and I was a really good boy. I just know I has to come back to mummy when she calls cos I gets yummy biscuits.
First I did some runnings and sniffings, then I did some chasings of my ball and finally we had a game of tuggy! Mummy tried to get me to go in the sea but those big splashy things that mum called waves kept chasing me! Can you believe it? How dare they chase me!!

That's it for now cos I be realllllllllly tired (Mum says I'll hopefully sleep past 5am tomorrow. I don't know why she says that cos that's the bestest play time!). Here be a few photos, there not be many cos I was making mum throw the ball and play tuggy all the time hehe.
I hope we get to go again tomorrow =D

(my ears aren't always like this, it's the wind that makes them do sillys)



Tuesday, 28 July 2009

'Tis a hard life being a poopy

Yup, sure is hard being a pupster. Yesterday I mainly did snoozings.

But today was funs! We been playings in the garden, playings in the house, playings in the car...it's great funs!

We beed to Tesco again today. I likes it cos I get lots of snuggles from hoomans and the small hoomans too. Everyone thinks I be a German Shepherd type puppy though, hurrufff!
I did starrings at people who didn't give me attentions.

Then Mum said I was doing sillys with my ears. What does she expect? I'm a sheltie!

Then we played Wubba. Wooohooo my favourites!

In a few days I can go for proper walkings and Mum says if I'm a good boy she might take me somewhere extra specially excitings called The Beach!! I not sures what that means but it must be good =D



Sunday, 26 July 2009

Introducing me!

Hi effuryone
My name be Fizz! I'm a type of puppydog that's called a Shetland Sheepdog, but my Mum said it's a 'Sheltie' for short. Apparently we comes in all sorts of colours, but I be a tri colour, just like my Daddy. My dogmummy beed something called a Sable though, my Mum said she looked a bit like Lassie only smaller. Me not know who Lassie be though?? My Daddy's name is CH Myndoc on a Mission and he is very very beautiful (just like me!!), my mummy showed me lots of picitures of him on the tinternets and I thinks he be very handsome. And my dogmummy's posh name is Merewood Leia. Here be my dogmummy, my human mummy says she couldn't get a very good picture of her cos she couldn't sit still cos she had to keeps rounding all her puppies up, hehe.

But most importantly, here be me! The piciture at the top there shows me when Mummy came to pick me, I was 6 and a half weeks old there. I've grown lots and lots since then and Mummy thinks I growing too much and I should slow down a bit, but I just wants to be a big boy! I has 66g of Burns kibbles every day but I still hungery alllllllll the time so Mummy has to give my puppy milks to fill my boots up. I love my puppymilks though, it reminds me of being with my mummy. I had a good way of eatings it, I had a few kibbles then drinks some milks, then I finish of my kibbles and drinks the rest of my milks.

This is me after having my hair brushed. It's dead fun having my having my hair brusheded cos I likes to eat the brush hehehe. Mummy says that's naughty though cos it cost a lot of monies. I be 9 weeks old here.

I'm 10 weeks old now and yesterday I wented to a place for the Vets for my 2nd injection. All the doggies in there didn't seem too happy but I thought it was great fun cos the lady gave me yummy biscuits! =D I didn't feel my injection at all, probably cos I was too busy eating bisucuits hehehe. I weighs 3.7kg.

Every day me and Mummy go to explore new things. This is called socialising apparently but I don't know why she's bothering cos I ain't scared of nuffinks!! Today we went and stood outside Tesco for a while cos I got lots of cuddles from liccle peoples (they be my favourites!) and got to play tuggy and eat biscuits =D In a few days I'll be able to go proper walkings on the park and I get to play with my brother and sister and meet knew doggies woohooo!!

~Puppy kisses/nibbles

Fizz xxx