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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Herro efferypup

Last Saturday I turned 4 months old! It means I'm growing up into a big boy, but I not sure I want to cos Mum says it means I gots to be sensible, which I not likes doing.

Here's what I got for a present :


Great huh? It's my burfday and all I gets is a pain in the... mouth. As you can see I be loosing what's called my baby teefs. All I knows is that it HURTS!!!! Ouchies. My gums are all swollen and I my lips won't close properly cos it be so bad! Mum said it looks like I'm smiling at her sometimes :-)

I did sort of gets a better present though. Now I'm big enough I gets to where my new big boy collar. It be a pretty tuffstuff one with my name embroidered on the back, but Mum couldn't get a good photo of that cos my furs gets in the way. I also got a really cool tag from Dog Online. It says 'I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy' on the front, which I thinks is perfect for any Sheltiedog!!


Mum also trimmed my ears for the first time today, she was ascared of doing it at first cos she never trimmed Sheltie ears before, she trimmed lots of other breeds but never Shelties. I thinks she done a good job though cos I sure do look mighty handsome!

We trying to get some video of my clicker trainings up but Mum still having trouble getting it from her new camera to the pooter. We shall have to find another way!



  1. Nice teefers woo have!

    I'm sure woo will put 'em to good use furry soon!

    That is khwite the stylin' khollar!


  2. Oh poor Fizz. I hope you get your new teeth soon!

    You have quite the snazzy collar. Poor shelties, their cute collars always get lost amongst all that fluff!

  3. Very nice new big dog collar! Your mouth will stop hurting soon - I went through all that with my teeth too I guess but I don't even remember it now!

  4. Poor little guy! Teething hurts big time, doesn't it???

  5. Neither of us remember our teeth hurthing that bad. The collar is pawsome. We do agree that you are fluffy. Maybe even a certifiable fluffernutter.

    Essex & Deacon