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I'm a Tri colour Sheltie puppy called Fizz, born on 16/05/09. Find out more about me by reading about all my adventures in my blog =)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

'Tis a hard life being a poopy

Yup, sure is hard being a pupster. Yesterday I mainly did snoozings.

But today was funs! We been playings in the garden, playings in the house, playings in the car...it's great funs!

We beed to Tesco again today. I likes it cos I get lots of snuggles from hoomans and the small hoomans too. Everyone thinks I be a German Shepherd type puppy though, hurrufff!
I did starrings at people who didn't give me attentions.

Then Mum said I was doing sillys with my ears. What does she expect? I'm a sheltie!

Then we played Wubba. Wooohooo my favourites!

In a few days I can go for proper walkings and Mum says if I'm a good boy she might take me somewhere extra specially excitings called The Beach!! I not sures what that means but it must be good =D




  1. Nice to meet you Fizz - Ludo sent us over! Looking forward to hearing about all your sheltie adventures.

    Sara, Oreo & Misty

  2. Hello Fizz, I am a good friend to your half brother Ludo. Ludo is the best guy I know and I love him like a little brother. I bet you will be smart and turn out to be lots like him!
    You are a very pretty boy!


  3. Woo are a khutie fur sure!

    Ludo sent me ovfur to say hi!

    Please khome by my khorner sometime!

    I like your style of restin' and posin'!


  4. Fizz, you sure remind Dog Dad of Essex when she be a puppy. You both tri-color, both have tipped ears, both like sleeping on your backs. Only thing Essex is a girl Collie and you be a boy Sheltie.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon

  5. w00fs, nice to meeteded u, me iz rocky..Ludo sended me over..u gonna have lots of fun here..

    b safe,

  6. What a cutie you are - and such a good boy - the beach is a magical incredible place with the ocean !! we love the beach we go crazy when mommy says the word.

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

    ps ludo sent us over - we are the NY Bully Brats

  7. Woo, Fizz! Me and my brother and my sisters are friends of Ludo's - so we thought we'd stop by and hawoo!
    You sure are a cool little dude; aren't Wubbas the BEST?!?!