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Friday, 31 July 2009

The beach!

First of alls I wanna say a huuuge thank you to my big brother Ludo, for posting about me on his bloggie =D I so pleased cos now I gots lots of new friends! And thank you to all my new poochie pals for leaving lots of lovely messages for me and Mum to read! You're all pawsome.

Now, I can confirm to all you doggie pals that 'the beach' is one amaaaaaazing place. Today was the first day in ages that it not beed rainings, so me and Mum went to the beach. It was my first ever walkings and it was so so so fun! I wonder if I gets to go there every day?
Apparently it takes nearly 2 hours to get there, but I didn't notice because I sleeped alllll the way there and allll the way back. Mum said I was good boy.


The first beach was full of childrens playing games and people having picnics, and there wasn't any room for me to run around, so mum put me back in the car and droved down the road a little bit and we found another beach that be almost completely empty and loads of room for doing zoomies and ball throwings!! When Mum first putted me back in the car I gotted very worried cos I thought we was going home again =O

This was the first time I beed off my lead in a different place, and I was a really good boy. I just know I has to come back to mummy when she calls cos I gets yummy biscuits.
First I did some runnings and sniffings, then I did some chasings of my ball and finally we had a game of tuggy! Mummy tried to get me to go in the sea but those big splashy things that mum called waves kept chasing me! Can you believe it? How dare they chase me!!

That's it for now cos I be realllllllllly tired (Mum says I'll hopefully sleep past 5am tomorrow. I don't know why she says that cos that's the bestest play time!). Here be a few photos, there not be many cos I was making mum throw the ball and play tuggy all the time hehe.
I hope we get to go again tomorrow =D

(my ears aren't always like this, it's the wind that makes them do sillys)




  1. Oh what a lucky dog you are to spend the day at the beach :) I love the photo of you with the sand on your nose.

    Oreo and Misty don't like to go in the water much either. They don't like the "wet dog" look.

  2. Oh my!

    Woo are such a little heartbreaker!


  3. Both Essex & Deacon don't like the water. You took some pawsome photos fizz.

    Essex & Deacon

  4. looks like a great time - the beach is just awesome

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ