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Monday, 24 August 2009

Baby wipe

I had a bit of an incident with a baby wipe today which meant I had to go and see Mr Vet. T'was not pleasent, I cans assure you!

Yesterday I sat with Mum while she brushed her hair and put that face paint stuff on. I gots a bit bored looking at mum putting her face paint on so I runned off with a baby wipe from her bin. hehehe. I don't think Mum realises that baby wipes taste realllly good, and I ate half of one! They sure taste good but I don't thinks I'll be having one again. I went to do poo poos this afternoon, and well...err... it's a bit embarassing for me to say but it gots a little bit stucked! So Mum had to take me to the vets for a bit of help in removing it. Ughhh, not good! I fine now though.

I also gots weighed and had my fleaing and worming stuffs. I weighs 6.2kg!! Mum thinks I going to be a Rough Collie. I've doubled in size over 4 weeks!


  1. eeww baby wipes - and you needed removal help - so embarrassing

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  2. Rut roh!

    Please don't skare your mum again!


  3. Baby wipes contain something the hoomans call 'alcohol' :-) That's what makes it taste so nice! Glad to hear you got it out though in the end...!!!