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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bizzy Fizzy

I so sorry that I not beed blogging, I've been a very bizzy little (big) puppy. The bad thing is that my Mum's camera broke, so we not has many piccures to share, which makes blogging a big boring. She's picking her new camera up tomorrow though so next week we be able to start bloggering properly agains!

Last week I had another trip to the beach! It was reallllly hot and there was small peoples everywhere wanted to do strokings of me. I didn't mind, of course. I couldn't go runnings off my lead that day though cos there was soooo many peoples there. I met my first girlfriend on that day too. Mum says she was a Whippet type, and she runned very fast and I just wanted to round her up cos she would not keep still for me to say hewwo properly!!

I still been doing my socialisings every day. I been visiting lots of family, and I beed to see my Mum's sister's doggie, Pip. Pip be very old (16!) and sometimes she not like doggies that be rough, but I be very gentles with her and she really liked me and did tail waggies. Mum said I succcch a good boy for being calm around Pip cos I only be 14 weeks old and she says not many puppies at my age have such good self control. I not know what that means though.

I also wented to another fun doggie show. There was lots of poochies there and I even met another Sheltie, and she was the same colour as me!! She was very tiny though, even I was as big as her. Lots of people gave me cuddles, and even tooked photos of me! I must be really handsome.

We been doing lots of trainings too. We started somethings that's called Obedience. Mum says when I a big boy I can go in competitions. I has to do this thing called retrieve, but I not sure why I should bring it back when Mum can go and get it for me??? Something else we do that I find really funs is heelwork, and I really good at it apparently. Mum is going to try and get some videos of me when she gets her new camera.

Sorry that I nots got any photos to share but next week we should have lots and lots and lots to show you.

~Puppy kisses


  1. You already have a girlfriend???? I'm almost two and I've never played smoochie face with anyone but my little sister!

  2. sounds like a great time - keep up allt he socializing and beach playtime

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ