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Monday, 16 November 2009

Happy birthday to meeee!


Today be my half birthday! That means I been alive for 6 whole months, I think that's a long time. I don't feel any different to what I did yesterday though... maybe a bit furrier though.. hmm.

Mum took me to the bestest place in the world today! If you pupsters haven't been then you definitely should go, it be full of funny furry things that look like toys but they alive! Mum said I not allowed to have one of those though, hurruff! There be lots of nice smells, and they have millions of toys and more food than any pupster could ever wish for! There also be lots of people that want to give you cuddles if you put on your cute face. Here be a piccure of the magicial place I talking about.


Mum said I could choose a toy cos it be my birthday. There be sooo many though, it was a really hard decision.


In the end I be very happy with my purchases though! I couldn't just choose one, so I gots 3 squeaky tennis balls and a ball on a rope too, I beed having fun alllll day with them! Mum says she slightly regrets the squeaky tennis balls but I not know why.. I think they makes a lovely noise!


I gots some treats too, they be bacon flavoured and a pretty colour, but Mum says they made me hyper, hehhehee.


Birthday snuggles


  1. Happy 6 Month Birthday, Fizz! Mom loves how your ears tip so perfectly! I have a ball on a rope just like your's. I love to play with it! Hope you have a great half birthday!

  2. Happy half year birthday Fizz! On Thursday I am am going to be ONE! I think maybe i will go to the pet store too! I have to wait and see, I guess.
    your pal, Maisie

    pee-ess Morgan says Happy Half Birthday too!

  3. Woo are so khute!

    Happy HalfBirfday!

    I'm glad woo got to paw out something special!


  4. Happy half year Birthday :o) I can see that you had a lovely day together with your Mom....and that's the best gift a dog can get :o)


  5. Happy half-barkday Fizz. We're glad to see you're back. And what a big boy you've become!!! :)

  6. What a pawsome idea, a half-barkday. It sure looks like you enjoyed yours.

    Essex & Deacon