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Friday, 13 November 2009

We're back!

Do I looks growed up?

We be very pleased to be blogging again, but we realllly sorry we has been away for sooo long. We been doing lots. Mainly I been doing lots of growing, I weighs 9kg now and I just about fully growns (apart from my furs!) and it be my half birthday on Monday! I can't believes I been borned for 6 whole months.

A few weeks ago, something terrible happeneded! I beed poorly! I really really bad bumbums and sicksicks and I had to spend 2 days in the vets. I didn't mind though cos I gots lots of cuddles and attentions, it be like a mini holiday really. The only bad thing was they stuck a pointy thing in my leg that puts water in me and that hurt a bit so I tried to chew it out. That hurted even more. I all better now but I still has a shaved paw, tummy and chest for proofs! (My tummy was shaved cos they had to do somthing called an Ultrasound cos Mummy thought I'd eated a sock!! Hehehe, but I hadn't)

We started an agility training class too! At first it was fun but then I got scareded by the big doggies that barked and lunged at me :( I tried to tell them that I be a Sheltie and we can be very sensitive sometimes and I doesn't appreciate being woofed at, but they wouldn't listen. So in the end Mum said she had enough and not take me anymore cos it could make be scared of dogs and agilities forever! I loves agilities though so me don't think that will happen anytime soon! I still be happy though cos we does lots of training in the garden and runnings around and chasing. :-)

Mum says I be going through something that's called my 'teenage years'. She thinks I been being naughty, but I not really, I just having fun!! Mum took me to a new park last week and there were lots of birds that needed chasing. Mum doesn't mind me chasing birds but when she called my name I didn't comes back. What does she expect?! It was soooo much fun I couldn't even hear her!! Anyway I had fun running around and then I spotted a river (I looooveee water!) so I ran over there where Mum couldn't see me so she couldn't find me. Hehehhee. Then I heard Mum calling me, so I went back to find her. She looked all worried and stuff but I not know why? It was a great game! Does any of you pupsters know why she be so worried?

I been good on walks this week though cos Mum been bringing sausages with her! Yum yum yum! I just cannot resist sausage, not even for bird chasings!! Here be a few piccures from our fun walk the other day.




  1. Your looking very beautiful in your new "grown-up"-body. Nice to have your back blogging :o)


  2. My goodness, you have grown up so much! You're a very handsome boy! I'm glad you are back to blogging too! Will you go to another agility class? I had a hard time getting used to all the noise and dogs in my training building, but now I love going there!

    Sorry you were so sick but glad that you are all better now and didn't eat a sock (that would be silly!) :))

  3. WHOA!

    Woo are growing up too khwikhkly!

    I'm sorry woo had the sikhkies - but I'm happy to see woo are better now!

    I bet Ludo is proud of woo - fur I bet he knows just what woo are up to!