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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Crufts & Show thing!

I tolds you in my last post that Mum had beed to Crufts (without me!!). But I forgives her for not taking me 'cos she camed back with lots of goodies, all for me. Apart from spending lots of money on toys and sweeties for me, she watched lots of agility, obedience and met the Shelties on the Discover Dogs stand. Two of them turned out to be related to me in some random way! Most of the Shelties she saw were teeny tiny compared to me (I'm a biiiiiig Sheltie) but she did meet one called Sonny who was the same size as me. Sonny liked doing obedience and tricks like me!

Here's me with my Crufts goodies. I got some other stuffs too (including the bestest tuggy ball EVER, it be my special agility toy now) but Mum couldn't find everything. You can tell I beed tugging in thiss piccure cos my lips get stucked to me teefs. Hehe!

Mum also got this for free, it be called a frisbee but I likes to call it a FIZZbee.

Today I beed to a country show with Mum and the childrens. There be lots of dogs there, mostly gundogs cos there be lots of demonstrations and things. I beed a very good boy and wasn't even bothered by really loud gunshots. I met three other Shelties and lots of people wanted to do strokings of me. I even met ferrets!! I beed a bit ascared of these furry creatures at first but I decided they ok after lots of sniffings.

I changed a bit since the last time I wented to a show, don't you think?


  1. Fizz - you got lots of really cool new toys so I guess it's a good thing your mum went to Crufts! I had to bigify the photo so I could get a better look at all your new stuff! I'm jealous!

  2. Yes you have changed a little bit since the last time. We love your Fizzbee.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Wow, you've so many goodies from your mom. I like your FIZZbee very much too. You're so lucky!!!

  4. Wow, you've so many goodies from your mom. I like your FIZZbee very much too. You're so lucky!!!

  5. Lucky you with all your goodies!!
    I didn't get anything from Mum when she wented away.
    Cool Fizzbeee!
    You get to do lots of good stuffs like shows and meeting ferrets. I bet they beed smelly.
    I a big sheltie too, when I meet other shelties they littler, but they also shier than me too.
    Hoppy Easter!
    ~lickies, Ludo