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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hol-ee-day part 2!

Sorry it tooked so long, we beed super bizzy. Mum beed to Crufts this week, I wasn't allowed to go though! I'll save that for a seperate blog though cos I gots lots of goodies to shows you.

Anyway, back onto my hol-ee-day adventures! The next day Mum wanted to go a very famous and big mountain called Snowdon. It be one of the biggest mountains in Great Britain so I be very excited when Mum said we be going up it! Butttt, it didn't go exactly to plan. Mum's idea was to go up to the summit on the railway and then walk back down, because it be too far for me to walk all the way up AND back down again. But when Mum looked on the tinternet before we left, she realised that doggies not be allowed on the train :-( She beed very upset and so did I. Maybe when I is older I'll be allowed to do the whole proper walk without the train.

I still had my photo taken on this rocky thing though, it just be a little carpark where you can take photos and learn which mountain is which. You can see part of Snowdon in the background, it be the snowy bit! (I had to keep my lead on 'cos it be right next to the road)

So instead we went to a place called Beddgelert. It be a pretty village with a river running through it, oh and there be sheeps too! Luckily there not be too many sheeps around the river.
There be quite a famous myth about Beddgelert which you can read about here.

Here I am posing next to the river! Mum bought me a squeaky ball from a shop in the village so I had fun chasing it in and out of the river. I went in right up to my belly! If it had been any deeper I would of probably had a bit of a swim :-)

When we got back we went down to our beach and I went expolording the rock pools. I found a fishy that had been washed up onto the beach and I wanted to take him home for my dinner but mum said noooo.

The next day we went on the bestest walk ever. We went to a huuuge big waterfall called Aber Falls. Altogether the walk be about 5 miles long, and we saw sheeps and lots of other interesting things along the way. Mum had beed there before when she be very young but she couldn't really remember it.
When we got to the top I has to go on my lead 'cos I wanted to go and paddle in the river below the falls but Mum says the current was too strong.

Obviously I still not be tired after a 5 mile walk so Mum let me go out onto the paddock to play with Sadie and Toby. Mum let me play with my ball for a while too, but then Sadie tooked it off me and burst it! That be my favourite bally so I was very upset with her. Mum says I gots plenty of other toys though so it not really matter.

Mum found a pet shop the next day and bought me a new bally which be identical to my other one that Sadie broked. I be one happy puppy. Yahooooo!

So that be it for my hol-ee-day. Mum wants to buy a house in Wales now, hehehe. I has no problem with that! :-)


  1. What a beautiful place! We want to move to Wales with you, if that's ok! :)

  2. Wow! I wanna move there too! We should just swap Mum's/lives for a bit huh? hehehe. Give me a bark if yous ever do come to the lake district. I would so love to meet you in pawson!
    You is getting so very good at that posing lark and looking handsome in good sceneries, I bet your Mum bees so very proud of you and how you growing up so good.
    ~lickies, big bro Ludo

  3. Wales looks like a pawsome place even if it doesn't have whales. We wish we had mountains by us.

    Essex & Deacon