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Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring time!

We has had lovely sunshine here for a few days, and there be lots of pretty flowers appearing in the garden. Mum says this means that summer's on it's way! Mum even got sunburn a little bit yesterday when we went for our walk, BOL! She's very pale and burns realllly easily though, it wasn't THAT hot. I gotted really hot though 'cos of my big furry coat (that I'm currently shedding!) so I just dived in the river and cooled off. Mum wishes she'd had her camera with her so she could of tooked some photos of me swimming in the river.

As for Jas Bunny, well she beed renamed Ruby Rabbit. Mum was cuddling her and she decided the name Jas just didn't suit her! So she be called Ruby Rabbit from now on. She my new best friend, every time I go in the garden she runs down her ramp and into her run to see me. She's getting more confident now and even eats sunflower seeds from Mum's hand now.

Mum says if the weather stays nice we'll be going to the beach next week, wooohoooo! She wanted to take me this week but it be the school holidays which means there will be childrens all over the beach and nowhere for me to run and play, BOL!
Next post WILL be tricky t-day, I PROMISE!!


  1. Love the name Ruby Rabbit! enjoy her, Fizz!

  2. I love your photos with the spring flowers! You are so good at posing for pictures! And your bunny sister is the prettiest bunny I have ever seen!

  3. I agree with Ricky!
    oh Fizz! I so excited that you has got a rabbit-dog sisfur. How very cool! Watch out she doesn't be too bossy like Faline though. Hey maybe when she gets bit enough to have the new-ters she can get a husbun like my bunnies! Double the trouble hehehe!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. We think Ruby is a paw-some name. We bet you take good care of your wabbit. Does Ruby know Ludo's wabbit brudders and sisters?

    Essex & Deacon