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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fizz's eye

Hi everyone, Fizz's Mum here. As you know Fizz went into the vets this morning for a sedation so they could have a good look at his eye. They phoned me a couple of hours later to say that he's got an ulcer on his eye and also entropion! (Where the eyelid turns inwards and the eyelashes irritate the eye) I was told last Wednesday by a different vet that 'no, there's definitely no entripion there' - not happy!!
I'm really suprised it's turned out to be entropion - it was only last Monday that it started to irritate him. I thought maybe he had a bit of grass stuck in it or something, especially since it cleared up and was back to normal on Tuesday/Wednesday. Anyway, it's just one of those things I suppose. Apparently it's quite common in Shelties since they have such tiny eyes.
They're operating on him now and I'll be picking him up tonight, so I'll let you know how he is.



  1. Well at least now you know what's wrong - hard to believe the vet last week missed the diagnosis. Hope the surgery goes well and Fizz makes a quick recovery! He needs to be better for his first crisp mas!

  2. quite common in shelties. Morgan has a slight problem with that in one eye, it doesn't seem to bother her often and drops help. She may need the surgery too at some point.
    morgans mom

  3. OH my goodness, hope the surgery all goes well, hope there is a very speedy recovery

  4. hm, My comment that I left a few days ago not here... Unless you moderating. hehe. Anyway, I hopes you doin ok now little bro.
    Have a very Merry First Crisp mas!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. We glad you are all better and it not be something very serious.

    Essex & Deacon