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Monday, 21 December 2009


Wowww this white stuff that falled from the sky is AMAZING!! I love it soo much and it makes me go dead hyper. Mum took me down to the forest where I had great fun catching snowballs, and playing with other dogs. All the doggies I met were really fun, we met a Schnauzer and he wanted to come and walk with us rather than his own Mum and Dad, BOL!! Then we met a German Shepherd, he was ok at first but then he gots a bit too rough for me so I rolled on my back. Mum said I was a wimp cos he only wanted to play!! He was reallllly big though.
Then we met a little nervous Westie, she was very cute but when she was a puppy she got attacked by a nasty black dog, and ever since then she been scared of doggies. But I was very nice to her, I stood very still while she sniffed me all over (even my bum!!) and in the end she wasn't ascared of me!! We even played a little bit, but I was very gentle with her cos I knows how it feels to be afrightened. Her Mum and Dad said thank you very much and gave me cuddles, they never seed her play with a strange doggie before so they was very happy and liked me lots. Mum was very proud of me too.

Here be some piccures. If you click on them they should biggify (if Mum's done it right! Durrrr.)

Pee ess - my eye be poordy again! Gots to go to the vets again tomorrow for that big sleep that Mum talked about.


  1. Snow is so much fun, isn't it? Your mum got some great pictures of you out there enjoying it!

    Sorry to hear about your eye being poorly again! Good luck at the vet's and I'm sure they'll have you fixed up and better in no time!

  2. you took to the snow right away. I had to coax Maisie, but she was born in Alabama, and this is her first snow, and the coldest weather she has ever seen! You are looking very grown up!
    your pal, Morgan