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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Need cuddles

...'Cos I gots a poordy! My eye has beed a bit runny on-and-off for a couple a weeks now, but it not beed bothering me, so Mum just keeped it clean and thought it would just get better on it's own. Well, yesterday morning we woked up and I couldn't open my eye at all! Mum tried to have a look at it but I not let her. Later on she took me to the Vets (my favourite place EVER!). Mrs Vet tried to open my eye and look as well, but I not let her either cos I just wanted to give her kisses. My tail would not stop wagging at all.

Anyway, Mrs Vet put some cool stuff in my eye that made it go all numb and bright green, it made my eye open straight away. Cool huh? She still could not see anything wrong with it, so we gots to try these eye drop thingies twice a day to make it better. If it not better tomorrow I might has to have to go into a big sleep (Mum says it called an anesthetic) so Mrs Vet can has a better looky. The good news is that I had 2 lots of my eye droppies now and it's looking much better this morning :-)

Obviously it's absolutely horrendously terrible though, so I beed making mum give me loaaads of cuddles and sweeties and ear rubs all the time. Here I be on my sick bed -



  1. Poor Fizz! I couldn't open my eye once and had that green stuff put in it by my vet and I had a scratch on my cornea. Hope they figure out what is wrong with your eye soon!

  2. Glad to hear that your eye is better - hope it will be completely well soon :o)


  3. Aaaawwww, poor Fizz. Hope your eye is better soon. Lots of hugs, Skye.