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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Award and walks!

We gots our very first ever award! We be very pleased and honoured to receive this award from Essex and Deacon at Key West Collies. Thanks so much Essex and Deacon!
The rules state that I has to state 10 things that make me happy and then pass it onto 10 of my pals. Here be my happy things:

1. FOOD! (Absolutely anything - I not be fussy)
2. Mum.. Because if it wasn't for Mum all my happy things wouldn't happen.
3. Walks... I likes food, so that means I has to have walks or I'd be fat! Haha, not that I mind, I love walks!
4. Toys.. I just can't express how much I loveeeess toys. Especially my tuggy!
5. Cuddles.. Especially with Mum at night times in her big comfy bed!
6. Trainings... Because trainings = food and tuggy.
7. Sniffing! This drives Mum mad but I just can't help it, if her nose was as good as mine she'd be doing it all the time too.
8. Hair brushings... You may be suprised to hear this, cos most doggies hate grooming, but I LOVE it! Especially when Mum does my tummy.
9. Other dogs... Especially ones that want to play chaseychasey with my.
10. Herding... Birds, people, other dogs, and even sheep if Mum would let me.. I just loves herding!!

Ok so now we going to pass it onto 10 friends.
1. Ludo
2. Ricky
3. Reilly
4. Khyra
5. Skye
6. Morgan & Maisie
7. Sheltie Beauties
8. Josh & Jessie
9. Mika & Wall-e
10. Hamish

Now onto today! Today we beed on yet another great walk. Mum was hoping to take me to the beach today but it beed snowing on and off all day so she took me to a place a bit closer to home. We still has to go on the big busy motorway road to get there but it be nearer than the beach. She promised to take me to the beach next week so I not gets upset.

I made lots of friends. I be becoming quite a sociable little fellow these days! The best kind of dogs are ones that do chaseychasey with me, I not like dogs that just want to sniff my face and bum very much, they just boring. This little dude was one of the chaseychasey kind though and we had loadddds of fun. Mum couldn't get a good photo cos we was running too fast hehe :-)

It turned out to be a very nice day with no more snow!

As you can see from the colour of my paws, I had beed for a paddle in the lake :-)

We even saw some of these guys! Mum says they be called Deers. Normally they stay away from peoples and dogs but Mum got a big shock when she turned around and there was one following us!! She had to quickly get me on my lead and go back to the car, cos she thought it might chase us. BOL!! I was not ascared, if it had chased us I would of definitely protected me and Mum. When we was back in the safety of our car (Mum is such a wimp BOL!) Mum managed to get a piccure of 2 of them running past.


  1. Hi Fizz! Thanks for thinking of me but I have already done the 10 things so you can check out my blog to read my list! I like your list except for #8 - I don't like hair brushings at all!

    Your walk looked awesome! We have so much snow I can barely walk outside to potty!

  2. Congrats on your award Fizz! Thanks for passing it on to me. I doesn't like hair brushings, Well, maybe for like a minute then I get bored!

    I will come back and read about your hol-ee-days but I casnot believe how brave you beed about the horses! Oh, you do the pee and poo holding thing too! Mum thought it just me. Your Mum will be glad to know I grew out of it once I got to about 1. BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. Congrats, Fizz! Like Ricky the Sheltie, I've done the 10 things but thanks for passing the award on to me. I like your 10 happy things and I think the herding one is the best. Looked like you had a good walk too.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the award. Wow those deer sure look amazing.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon