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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tricky T-day

Here be our next tricky t-day video, FINALLY!! It not even be proper trickys really, it actually agilities. I posted before we went on hol-ee-day about my new tunnel, now the weather be better we have had chance to do a little bit more outdoor training. As you can see from the video I realllly loves my tunnel!

The second half of the video be of me learning cik & cap. We did a very small amount of training on this when I was younger, not really cik & cap, just going round objects, so Mum be really suprised that I remembered it. So that be our first real cik & cap session. For now I just learning Cik around a toy box, but soon I'll start learning Cap as well, and then we'll start doing it around different objects, and eventually it'll be a real jump wing!



  1. Very nice clik and clak. ( is that the right spelling?). On the tunnel, was it tacked down? If it moves when the dog goes thur it, that can be a problem. When a dog is really running thur a tunnel they bank off the side, they cant do that if the tunnel isnt tacked down. It may decrease their speed and make them worry about the tunnel. Just a thought. If its a straight tunnel, it doesnt matter as much. Looks like Fizz is having fun. Diana

  2. Hey, great job on your agility tricky t-day!! You obviously love the tunnel! What was under it, by the way? If there was something that smelled good under there, I don't blame you for being distracted! Your cik is coming along nicely! I love playing that game!