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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bizzy Fizzy

Hurrrooo! I sorry that I has not blogged for sooo long, I beed really bizzy going for walks, playing in the garden, squeaking my toys in Mum's face all day long and doing crazycrazy barkings. Mum also beed a bit poordy so she not beed able to help me type the difficults words and stuff (I getting better now though cos I be 9 months old.. That be very growed up).

This might be the last post for a week or so though. Guess what's happening? I going on hol-ee-day agains! This time we be going to a place called Wales. When Mum first told me about Wales I got a bit ascared cos I thought there'd be whales there, but Mum assures me there be no whales in Wales. Confuzzling huh?
Anyway, Mum says the place where we're staying be very dog friendly, it has a private beach, paddocks for me to run around in, and sooo many walks. Oh and sheeps everywhere too. Yay! We not be going until Monday but I telling you now incase I don't gets a chance to blog again before then.

Anyway, onto catchings up! On Sunnyday it snowed again here. Mum got up to give me my breakfast and weewee times at 7am (then we goes back to bed for snuggles hehehe) and there was loaaads of snow. She beed very suprised cos the weatheryman had not forecast it. By the time we got up the 2nd time there be tonnes of it! So Mum said quick lets go out for walkies afore it all goes away.
(Clicky the piccures to biggify them and see them better)

This little bird came and sat on the fence while Mum be taking photos. He was eating some of those seedy things so Mum tooked his photo, she wanted him to come closer but he wouldn't cos I was doing very loud barkings :-) I just be trying to tell Mum that I doesn't like standing still and she should take photos of ME instead of silly birdies.

It a good job we went out early 'cos most of it had melted by the end of the day. We still had time to play ball in the garden quickly though. This be my new favourite game, Mum buyed a proper ball thrower thing so I can chase the ball, bring it back, and then I tug on the ball thrower as a reward for bringing the ball back, BOL! Mum says I gots the wrong end of the stick, but I not know what she means, cos it not look like a stick to me!

I be rather sleepy, but smiley, after all that :-)


  1. Hi Fizz! We've missed you! Glad to see you got more snow to play in! Hope your holiday to Wales is a lot of fun - we'll look forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures too!

    Hope your mum is feeling better!

  2. Haha. Fizz you're so funny tugging 'the wrong end of the stick'.

    I hope you have a good holiday in Wales (I've been there so I will assure you that there are no whales in wales). You're such a lucky doggie to be able to go travelling and stay at such a nice place.

    You also look really purdy in the pictures especially the first one. You really have grown!!!

  3. oh Fizz!! I casnot believe how fluffy you getting! You look more and more like me (WELL, dog Dad) all the times!! I like to squeak things in Mum's face too.
    Sounds like you been having a pawsome time. I like to bite my ball thrower, not tried tuggying on it though. You so right, 9 months be very super growed up. Hol-eeday sounds furry cool! I want lots of pics of it.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. Enjoy your holiday in Wales. As for the wrong end of the stick, we figured you were teaching your Mum how to fetch a ball. BOL

    Essex & Deacon