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Saturday, 13 February 2010


We went for another cool walk today. It be along a river with a big house at the end of it, but doggies not be allowed in their because there be lots of old things called antiques. I wonder if Mum be an antique, 'cos she be old compared to me, BOL!

Mum wanted to walk down to the bridge near the house and cross over onto the other side of the river and walk back that way, but there be lots of sheepys there so we had to turn around and walk back the same way. Sometimes when we turn around and walk back in the same direction we came from, I do runnings off! Because I knows that we be going back home, and if I runs off then Mum won't be able to catch me and then I'll just be able to stay out forever. But today, Mum had cheese so I couldn't possibly do runnings off! Cheese is too yummy to run away from, so I kept coming back all the time and being a really good boy. Staying with Mum isn't so bad after all, BOL!

Hopefully next time we go back there won't be any sheepys around and we'll be able to walk on the other side. There were other peoples walking that way but I'd just want to herd all the sheeps up and Mum says that I can get shot for doing that! Uh-oh! We did see some deer again though..

Pee ess... We gots a skateboard! Tricky T-day will be fun this week!


  1. You're very good at posing! Much better than me! I don't blame you for staying with your mum since she had cheese! You're a very smart boy!

    Looking forward to the skateboard tricky t-day!

  2. What a beautiful walk - and you are lucky your mom didn't boot you into the river after that antique comment! :)

  3. Cheese, that is the bestest stuff in da world. You sure are lucky with all those open fields around.

    Essex & Deacon

  4. You are one handsome looking dog :) we love your poses

    wet licks
    Snowy & Crystal