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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

News and video!

Hurro efferypup!
It feels like I not blogged in ages, we beed so busy. The bad news is that I had to have another poperation on my eye. The first poperation didn't work, and I ended up gettings another ulcer on my eye! My eyelid was still turning in a little bit so they had to take some more skin away. They shaved a load of fur off of my face too and I look realllly stupids now! But that doesn't really matter because the most important thing be that my eye is soo much better. It's all open and Mum says it looks beautiful again.

I looks a right numpty with my face all shaved though. I decided to go for the "one ear up, one ear down" look today. What do you think?

Mum says in a couple of weeks we be going on hol-ee-day! I read all about my brother Ludo's holiday, and it looked like a lot of fun, so I hopes mine will be too! Mum says there be lots of walks around where we staying and a beach too. Woohoo! My favourite.
Annnd another good thing be that we finally figured out how to work videos! We ended up having to use Mum's old compoopter and download a funny converter thing, but we did it eventually.
I be learning a new trick using this funky cone thing:

Eventually I'll be able to stack all the rings onto the cone. The video is our first session, it all freeshaped and as you can see I already able to pick up the purple ring (3rd smallest one). We started targeting the cone thing too. I just think it's one big game! hehe. It probably take me a while to learns it because it quite a difficult trick, but when I can do it we'll post another video!

Anywayyy, here be the video. We hopes it works.


  1. Wow - great tricks video! Your stacking the rings trick is going to be awesome! You must be playing tricky t-day now - did you tell Ludo?

    Sorry about your eye! I can't believe you had to have another operation and get all that fur shaved off. Hope this is it now and you get better and have no more problems!

  2. Have fun learning that trick. Pippa still isnt too convinced about that one but D picked it up really quickly:


  3. Well done Fizz! That looks like it gonna be a super sooper trick. Very hard one too! I would not be very good at it, I doesn't like to pick up hard things like that.

    It beed great to see you in video form. You sound just like me! So sorry about your eye and the silly shavings, hey, you look kinda like a pirate!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. Oh Fizz, so sorry to hear that you will be needing another poperation :(

    Love, Josh and Jess

  5. Sorry to hear that you had to have another operation. But you look great with an eye without fur ;o) Great video you made....you are a very intelligent dog :o)


  6. Gee Fizz, if you did tell us it was an operation, we would have thought you were some type of superhero dog in disguise, kind of like Krypto, Superman's dog.

    Before you know it the fur will grow back.

    Essex & Deacon