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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Walks and agilities


First of alls, tricky t-day be delayed. Mum lost her clicker on a walk at the weekend and she casnot do proper trainings without a clicker (cos she stupids, hehehe) so we not really done any trainings. She ordered 2 new clickers (one spare incase she does silly losings again!!) and they arrived today so we can start trainings again now! Woohoo.

Yesterday a big box arrived, it looked and smelled very interesting so I has to do investigatings of it. Hmmm.. what could be inside?

I was right! It be something super exciting and fun. Can you guess what it could be?! Here be a piccure of the amazing thing.

It be an agility tunnel! I've just turned 8 months old now so Mum has decided I can start doing some agilities!! For now we just doing tunnels, contacts and we're starting wing wraps too but it be oh-so exciting. I just loves it so much, we only did one small session yesterday, and I already be zooming through it with Mum sending me into it and different angles. The only times I did tunnels before is once at the agility class I use to go to, and once at a fun show that me and Mum went to.
I beed barking and the garden gate today, hoping that Mum would let me do some more agilities, but she said she be too cold hehe.

She still took me for a super-fun walk though. We was in the car for quite a long time so I knew we'd be going somewhere extra exciting. It was quite cold and foggy on the way there but I soon warmed up once I started running (ie; as soon as I got out the car!).

Of course she made me do a bit of posing... yawwwn.

My recall has beed a bit rubbish recently, (I a teenager - what does Mum expect?!) so Mum cooked some chicken this morning and brought it with us. I think chicken be my new favourite food. Mum said I was such a good boy and she was really proud of me. I came back every time she called, didn't pull on my lead, didn't try and round up the birds, and didn't run off to other doggies! I thinks I definitely deserves another Crisp Mas for being so good.

Here I be demonstrating my good recalls.


  1. Hi Fizz! I love your new tunnel - it looks a lot like the one I got for crisp mas! Sounds like you are going to be a fast agility dog!

    Chicken is the absolute best, isn't it? I love chicken so much! Glad to hear you are doing very good recalls for it!

  2. What a good boy you are, Fizz!
    Wow. Agility already!! Sounds real fun XD

    Kisses from Princess Eva

  3. Hi Fizz - your new tunnel is very spiffy. good work on the re-calls!
    your pal, Morgan

  4. You so do deserve another crisp mas! Tunnels be my very favourite thing at agilities! So funfunfun!! You lucky, our garden not big enough for agilities stuff properly. I has added you to the tricky t-day list now, so I glad that you has gotted a new clicker! Ah yes, i remember being a teenager. It stays with you a while. It beed when I met my alter ego, bad Ludo. hehe!

  5. We are surprised you didn't sniff out the clicker. Then of course sometimes you need to be tough and help your hooman develop their memory. BOL

    Essex & Deacon