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Tuesday, 5 January 2010


We has more snow, but this time we has PROPER snow! We've got about 10cm (4 inches) all together, Mum says it the most she ever seen. It's sooo much fun, I love catching snow balls (it be my new favourite game) but Mum says the roads are very dangerous and she had to cancel lots of plans today. She was going to take me on a special walk to somewhere new but the roads were too scary to drive on.

Instead we went walkies around the streets and explored some new places. We were going to go on the field so I could have a run round but there were childrens everywhere and Mum said I'd just want to go and play with them, BOL!

It was actually lots of fun, normally I gets a bit bored when I have to walk round the streets but the snow made it good fun. Mum throwed lots of snowballs for me to catch and I even got to play on my front garden off my lead because Mum knew there wouldn't be any cars.

This be our street, as you can see it on quite a steep hill so driving up and down it would be scary! Mum said it was still quite hard work walking up it, because the snow's sooo deep it made her legs hurt, BOL! Mine didn't!

As you can probably see, my eye be getting better! Yesterday I wented to have my stitches out, (which was an ermm... interesting experience!). My 3rd eyelid had been stitched across my eye so I couldn't see, but nows I can see again!! I still gots a few stitches left in but they will disolve on their owns. Another thing you might of spotted from the piccures is that THERE IS NO CONE!! Woooooohooooo. I still gots to keep it on at night and when Mum can't watch me but the rest of the time I not have to wear it! Mum says I beed sooo good at not scratching my eye that she gonna take me to the magical toy shop (the one where we went on my half birthday) to pick out a new toy, when the weather be better. I be one happy puppy.


  1. So much snow is fun! We have about that much too! I just came in from playing outside and had snowballs stuck in my feet and on my legs.

    You look much better now that your eye is healed and that darn cone is off! Wonder what cool new toy you will get?

  2. We love snow. It is one of the bestest things in the world.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Your Tri puppy is very pretty. I have two Tris and just started a new blog myself. http://mysweetshelties.blogspot.com/

    I'll be back and visit again!