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Sunday, 31 January 2010


We is back, and I can confirms that hol-ee-days are the best things in the world, ever! I was sad that I had to come home because it was just so fun all the times. We stayed in a cottage in the middle of the countryside and there was walks and beaches everrrrrywhere!

The only little problem we had was that I held my pees and poops for over 24 hours! When I at home I always go in the garden, and I only ever does a weewee on a walk if I super-duper desperate and can't hold it at all anymore, usually I wait till I comes home and then does it there, I never ever done a poops on a walk before. So while we was on holidays I was really confuzzled, the cottage had an enclosed garden but how was I supposed to know that I was allowed too pee and poop there?! Eventually I had a peepee on a walk, but because I had a poorly tummy before we came on hol-ee-day Mum was worried about me holding my poopies for so long. Anyway, eventually on wednesday night I just casnot hold my poopies anymore and wented in the garden. I never seed Mum look so happy, so I figured I did the right thing!! I got the hang of it properly by Thursday. (Mum says that a bit late cos we comed home on friday anyway BOL!!)

There was a big paddock at the back of the cottage, these dudes live there:

I first they ascared me (especially the big guy!) and I barkbarked at them. But Mum explained to me that the little guys be SHETLAND ponies!! They like me! Can you believe it? We comes in pony types as well as dog types. I was brave and sniffsniffed them all and we made friends. By the end of the week I wanted to go and say hi whenever we went out. :-)

On the first day we wented to the beach! Woohoo, my favourite. This was probably the best beach I ever beed to, there were lots of rockpools to explore (the sea still scares me though cos those wavey things always try to chase me!) and lots of intesting things had beed washed up. I enjoyed picking up random shells and getting zoomies cos I be so proud of my 'find'. We walked as far as we could along the beach but the tide was coming in, so we wented up some realllly steep steps and walked along the cliff tops. Mum was ascared I'd be silly and try and climb down to the beach but I was a really good boy, and even posed for a photo.

The next day we didn't even go out in the car! The place where we stayed be perfect for doggies, because it surrounded by walks, and even a canal to walk along. Mum already wants to go back again because there be so much more to explore. We walked to the end of the big driveway and turned right, all of a sudden we be in the woods! I really wish we could live there (so does Mum!). A bit further down the path was a canal, it be really nice to walk down and see all the boats. We didn't walk too fars because it be reallllly windy and the childrens were getting cold. Mum took me to see my Shetland Pony friends again though so I didn't gets bored.

The next day was sooo fun. Mum did a stupids though and forgots her camera!! First we went to a little beach that very popular with dog walkers. I had good funs playing with a Curly Coated Retriever and a Basset Hound, a Labrador and some other little dogs. There was lots of other dogs around but their owners were grumpy bums and didn't let their dogs play with me (even though their dogs wanted to!). I glad my Mum not be like that, she says socialising be very important for dogs, and I agrees. I was a good boy while the grumpy bums walked past though, and sat by Mum's side and waited.

Once I had a good run around on the beach we wented into the town so the childrens could go in the arcades and everyone ate fish and chips. Mum gave me a sneaky few chips though, hehe. Doggies not be allowed in the arcades so Mum took me for a walk along the seafront. It has lots of strange loud noises and next to the road, but I was really good and didn't flinch once. Mum be so proud of me. As we were walking back Mum spotted something on the beach, she started making squeaky excited noises so I knew it be something good. Can you guess what it could be? It not really that exciting to 'normal' peoples, but for me and Mum it be really good! It was a lady with not one, not two, but THREE Shelties!! They all be tiny little Sables, one be the Mummy and the other two were her puppies. I got super excited and thought they were my dog-Mum, BOL! Mum wished she'd got her camera at that point.

The next day we had to go home :-( I really did not wants to and neither did Mum, so we said we'd go out for the day first and then go home. But that did nots go to plan, because just as we were setting off, it started to SNOW! I still wanted to go but Mum be a spoil-sport and said no. Hurrufff! I did my best barkings at her but she would not listen.

Mum says if I a good boy she might take me on another little holiday in a couple of months time. I going to be on my bestest behaviours from now on :-)
(Pee ess - all the photos should biggify... we hope. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't! Weird....)


  1. What a great holiday, Fizz!! We wish we could go there too - it looks like a perfect, fairy tale place with the beach and the beautiful cottage and all the places to walk! Awesome!

    Sorry about your potty problem - maybe you should work on learning to potty in strange places so you don't have that problem next time you go some where new!

  2. Sounds like a grrrreat Hol-ee-day. We figured you could use an award, so we gave you one one our blog.

    Essex & Deacon